Thursday, 11 December 2014

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Tonight I play my piece / installation 'Only Surface Noise is Real' at the On Record space in Morgan Arcade as part of Cardiff Contemporary.

Somehow it seems fitting that it's tonight. For the past few days i've been feeling particularly in need of the focus gained from the practice of making the music I do.  It is generally a pretty good way to get out of a negative head-space and concentrating on detailed sounds, following them with open ears can alleviate a lot of stress and anxiety.

I can't help but find a correlation between this practice and my formative years spent with ears cratered in walkman headphones, largely trying to ignore the wider world and listening mostly to recordings made from vinyl and mix tapes recorded from tape-to-tape or directly from the radio. 

It wasn't until later that I started to miss the discrepancies in presentation that this afforded… It is possible that the crackle of a particular record, on a now muffled tape recording has it's own set of references which become embedded in our listening experiences and social experiences associated with listening to, and sharing music.

These analogue formats which rely upon their surface make-up to provide and transfer audio are, in some ways incomplete until that surfaces' presence is made apparent via wear and tear.

For Only Surface Noise is Real I have created bootleg copies of a one-off 7" record of a short drone piece, originally featured on a set of recordings entitled "Twin Goat Songs" on the 'Knife in the Toaster" label. 

A silicon mould was taken from this record, and in turn resin casts were made as single-sided 7' copies, adopting imperfections through this process so that the original record's grooves and newly formed air-bubbles would simultaneously exist on each new bootleg copy.

Although I will not be repeating this performance after tonight, I will be sharing the multiples made from the casting process with several artists working in sound, who's help and support has informed my own practice over the past few years.

I will also have 20 copies of the zine documenting the bootleg process and an audio CDR of recordings prototyping the performance set-up, please approach me after the performance if you would like to receive one of these.

Only Surface Noise is Real. 

Monday, 2 June 2014


These chaotic 'Psychic Attack' A3 Screenprints are now up for grabs at £20 each.                 

I'm selling them to fund travel and accommodation for a couple of upcoming gigs (end of June/beginning of July).

They were made as an exercise to clear my head in- between drawings and were layered randomly on whatever paper I had to hand at the time, printed and then embellished with ink outlines here and there..
They are generally one-offs although there maybe a couple which are marked out of an edition of 3.

The original images for each colour layer were applied directly to the silk screen by painting onto the screen, blocking it out and then printing - rather than photographically transferring the imagery.
Email me or contact me on Facebook or Twitter to arrange sales.
I also have A3 sized Riso and Giclee prints available at the Psychic Attack Shoppe.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Brain Blood Volume 5

A5 sized zine of drawings on found photographs, printed book and magazine pages. Reproduced in black and white, 24 pages of 160gsm paper, each copy is hand numbered and comes in a sealed cellophane bag.
These are available in the Shop.

Monday, 10 February 2014

BBV5 Coming Soon....

I'll be printing a new edition of Brain Blood Volume 5 soon, 24 pages of new drawings on found and slow moving images drawn in between larger works.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Brain Blood Volume 4 - 2nd Edition.

I've reprinted my Brain Blood Volume 4 zine in an edition of 25 for the show at Chapter.
A5 size zine, 24 pages of 160gsm paper, each copy is hand numbered and comes in a sealed
cellophane bag with a screen-printed A3 poster.
These are available in the Chapter shop.